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About the service

Communication with clients

Q1. Can I charge extra fee if I cannot understand clients'(customers') English in the thread?

No. Clients'(Customers') English in the thread is not for your editing. If you have such problems, please contact <support@web-proofreading.com>.

Q2. After I accepted the job in web proofreading service, can you take over communication with clients (customers) because their English is too poor for me to understand?

No. Please go on as much as you can about the job you accepted in web proofreading service, and contact us at <support@web-proofreading.com> for help.

Q3. Can I accept offers from client (customer) about editing through their personal contact information, such as their personal e-mail addresses?

No. As the provider of this service, we prohibit both you and clients (customers) from making contact each other by your personal contact information. The action is the severe violation of the Agreement and will leads to legal actions.

Q4. If clients (customers) ask about something not related to the editing job, can I answer them?

No. Tell them politely that you cannot answer them.

About your fee

Q5. Will my word rate change in the web proofreading service?

Yes. Your word rate will change monthly according to clients' (customers') feedback about your jobs.

Q6. Clients (Customers) want to negotiate with me about the fee. How should I answer to them?

Tell them politely to contact <support@web-proofreading.com>.

About orders

Q7. Are you planning to close the previous type of service?

No. We plan to go on the previous service as well.

Q8. Do I have to negotiate with clients (customers) about deadline?

Yes, if you have to. There should be no need to negotiate because the deadline is presented before you accept the job.

Q9. Do you cross-check the file before delivery?


Q10. I want you to delete my account.

Contact <support@web-proofreading.com>.

How to use

Working with thread

Q11. How can I deliver the files to clients?

Upload them in the thread by following the instruction in here.

Q12. How can I receive the files from clients?

Download them in the thread by following the instruction in here.

Q13. Is the text on the thread in Japanese?

No, it should be in English. If clients post their messages in Japanese, or the text does not display correctly, tell them to post their messages again properly.

Orders and delivery

Q14. What should I do if I don't want to receive orders through web proofreading service?

Contact <support@web-proofreading.com>.

Q15. The client didn't answer my question about his paper soon enough for me to keep the deadline. Will you impose penalty against me?

No. It is his responsibility to provide enough information to you. However, please tell him in advance that you cannot keep the deadline if he does not answer your question by the date you wish him to.

Q16. I cannot start editing because the client's instruction is not clear.

Please try to work it out with the client as much as possible. If it doesn't seem to, contact <support@web-proofreading.com>.

Q17. Can I contact the client directly through my personal contact information?

No. As the provider of this service, we prohibit you and the client to contact personally.

Trouble shooting

Q18. A client complains that the fee does not match the estimate. What should I do?

Tell him to contact <support@web-proofreading.com>.

Q19. I cannot access to the system.

Contact <support@web-proofreading.com> with specific information about the problem.

Q20. What should I do if I forget my account ID and/or passwords?

Contact immediately <support@web-proofreading.com> and provide us your contact information.
[Note] We cannot send your account ID and passwords via e-mail from security reason. So, please keep them properly.

Q21. If I receive complains from clients, will you take over to respond them?

With your help, yes. Contact immediately <support@web-proofreading.com> if you receive one.