Communication with Customer

When the client (customer) posts a message in the thread, the system will automatically send you a message to inform you. Please access the thread screen when you receive the message.

Using Thread

  1. Access the main menu and click "Job list," then click the thread of the job to move to the next page.
    Job list
  2. Input necessary information in "Title" and "Message," then click the "Post" button to post it. When you move to the next page and see the confirmation of your post, click "Return" to go back to the thread screen.
    • [Note] Before and after you post a message, please make sure to click Reload button of your web browser, because the message from the client may not appear on the screen before you do so. It is essential to prevent minor misunderstandings between you and the client (customer).
      Please answer questions from the client (customer) promptly. If you have any trouble, contact <>.
    • Important!!: Do not contact the client (customer) by other means but the system we provide. Preventing unpleasant disputes among us is crucial.